August 8, 2021

Climax Problem in Men: What is POI S?

All the activity before an climax usually leaves a man feeling satisfied, satisfied and a little tired after the big event finally occurs, particularly when a guy practices ポイ活 学生 proper penis care and keeps his equipment in good working order. But not every man feels so good after an climax. As a matter of fact, some men suffer from a rare climax problem called post-orgasmic illness symptoms (or POI S) that makes them feel downright bad.

About POI S

POI S was diagnosed in 2002, and after that the medical literature has reported 50 cases today. However, there have been few actual studies of POI S, restrictive exact number of cases and how common it may be are unknown at this time. Although considered a rare disorder, it is also likely under-reported. So while it’s unlikely it will ever be classified as “common, inches it’s likely that there are more men out there suffering from it than is currently known.


So what is POI S, then? It’s a condition where a man ejaculates : either through masturbation or with a partner : and soon thereafter experiences symptoms that are usually similar to those of the flu. These symptoms may turn up within a few minutes of climax or may not occur for a few hours. The duration is erratic, with some cases going away relatively quickly among others lasting for approximately one a week.


The symptoms commonly associated with POI S include extreme fatigue, muscle weak spot, feeling sick, sweatiness and/or chills, itchy eyes, mood hindrances and one becoming easily irritated. There may be cognitive hindrances, as well. These may take the form of difficulty paying attention and remembering things, as well as problems speaking coherently.

In some men, POI S begins in puberty and is called primary POI S. If it starts later in life, it is considered extra POI S. As mentioned, there are few studies involving POI S, but case reports do indicate that men with POI S are much more likely to experience premature ejaculation on a regular basis, with time between penetration and ejaculation typically a minute or less. The reason for this link is not known at this time.


The cause or causes of POI S are not understood yet; however, in many cases it is hypothesized that POI S is an autoimmune disorder in which the body has an hypersensitive reaction to semen. In autoimmune disorders, the body mistakes a natural component or function of the body for an strange business and therefore creates antibodies eighteen, you are eliminated it. In one experiment, thirty three POI S sufferers were pricked with a pin that contained their own semen; 29 of them experienced a damaging skin reaction to this. This may seem to support the autoimmune hypersensitive reaction theory.

Another theory is that chemical imbalances in the brain : which might occur after climax : might lead to POI S.

POI S has to date almost always been diagnosed in men; there have been very few cases of POI S in women, although it may be that there are more which have not really been reported.

At the time, there are no treatments, but scientists are trying out various protocols that might bear fruit in the future.

Fortunately, most men do not suffer from POI S : but they still need to keep their penises healthy. Daily use of a superior penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is medically proven mild and safe for skin) can help. Look for a crème with L-arginine, which helps to boost nitric oxide production and thereby enables penile blood vessels to expand and receive greater blood flows. The crème should also include vitamin A, the anti-bacterial properties that can fight one of the causes of persistent and unappealing penis scent.

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