July 17, 2021

Important Considerations Before Receiving Salon Hair Color Services

We all want to look our best. It is true. When changing the color in our hair there are usually many questions and answers to consider. As a professional hair stylist and hair colorist for many years, I have answered countless important questions from my clients about receiving hair Hair Color coloring and mentioning services. I will also answer the questions that we submit in this article to give you a head begin the information you need to be familiar with when purchasing a hair color service at your salon. Will we begin?

Will this hair color make me look younger? Yes, a new hair color can make us look years younger, if the correct one is chosen. Dreary hair is actually loss of color pigment in the hair hair foillicle all together. It can make us looked washed out and much older. When we have our dreary hair colored it brings depth and color to your skin also. This is accomplished by the hair color reflecting on to the skin we have tone, eyes, lip area and so on. Having the hair colored appropriately with somewhat of a warm color, and then adding highlights, will take years off from our looks. This is because we have enhanced our looks with depth and then brought a bit of light back into the hair in contrast to the depth. It will be up to you and your hair stylist to choose the best color for you and your hair.

A professional tip for older women: Black color is most always too harsh looking on older women. Also a very blonde color is usually too light for older women. This is almost always the case.

Will the color look harsh on me? If you choose a hair color that is natural looking, it will not look harsh giving you. For example: If you are young, and want to enhance your own hair color. Your stylist will choose a color much like what you already have. Younger people can get away with an increase of drastic changes in their hair color because they generally have vibrant skin tones. Although, if a young person prefers a black color for instance, and their hair color is not naturally black, this can occasionally be very harsh looking with them also. Like wise, when young people with very dark hair, try to go all over blonde, it’s really a too harsh for the same reasons.

The solution in these circumstances is that it is best to not try drastic changes. If you feel you must make these major changes in your hair color. It is best to accomplish it gradually by adding low lights, (darker positionings of color), or highlights, ( lighter positionings of color). Will the hair color damage my hair? That is one of the number 1 questions that people ask most about coloring services. Hair color that is deposit only color, will not harm the hair. This is because the hair is being covered with a color primarily on the exterior layer of the hair. This color choice is always more than one shades dark than your existing hair color.

On the other hand, a color chosen more than one shades lighter than your existing color is often more damaging because of the use of a lifting agent involved. You see, when going lighter with your hair color, there is always a lifting process used to make your natural color many shades lighter. Such as nice hair stylist determines, to achieve the proper out come of the final hair color. The color desired is actually being placed within the last fifteen to thirty five minutes of the process, depending on the color line being used. Thus, the hair can become a bit hair dryer from the lighter hair coloring process. We have color care shampoos and conditioners to unravel the drying out affect of the hair color. The result, beautiful hair.

If you have a bleaching or mentioning services done to their hair. The hair will be hair dryer from the use of bleach, or other lightening products with the addition of developer. Again, there are many remedies available today to alleviate the drying out affect of coloring services fond of the hair. Not to worry.

How often can i require a touch up? A very popular question from today’s clients. Usually that relies on how fast each model’s hair grows individually. Yes, because the development is the main reason for coming in contact with up hair color. Usually three to four weeks is recommended for all over hair color touch ups. But I have had clients require a color touch up since fourteen days because of their hair growing more quickly.

I would recommend that you never allow nice hair development to grow longer than one inch before you receive your color touch up. There are color enhancing services offered for in between your color touch ups. These color enhancing products do not are very effective on every hair type due to texture. Coarse hair types will not always accept color.

How much will the service cost? It is expected that the customer ask this question before the color services are caused to become. There are many times, that there might be hidden costs in coloring services due to the amount of products needed for proper coverage of the hair. Most salons require the stylist or colorist to give the client around figure of how much the service cost. Each salon has their individual prices and color lines. A wise consumer will do their homework before hand, by finding out the price of the services at the salon they have chosen.

Can someone color or highlight overly head of hair? Yes, it is. Coloring services are around for all hair types. Stylists use individual techniques to color each hair type. This is decided because of your individual hair stylist.

Will the color diminish? Now this is a very broad question with various answers. Hair color fading is due to many factors. Firstly which is, the ability of the hair to hold hair color. We call this porosity. If the hair is overly porous it sports a problem holding hair color. There are ways a stylist can usually alleviate this problem. Once in a while the hair is so damaged it absolutely impossible for the hair to hold color. Your stylist should always have the skills to gauge these situations, and recommend certain conditioning treatments to bring the hair back to a normal porosity.

Hair colors come in kinds of: Temporary, demi permanent, partially permanent, permanent. Each color line has recommendations on the categories and of uses of their particular types of hair colors. Each line has color enhancers, color glosses and so on. I recommend you have your stylist or colorist coach you on the types he / she will be using on your hair and why. This will help you when choosing shampoos and conditions that will help keep your hair color between coloring services.

The most challenging question and statement a stylist or colorist can receive is: Can you correct this hair color I applied at home? It looks terrible! I know love doing corrective hair coloring. A lot of hair stylist don’t especially like this area of our field. Be sure your stylist has plenty of experience of this type of hair coloring if you need this service caused to become. I really won’t go too in depth here about corrective hair coloring, accept that, usually a botched at home color can be fixed with the following: Time at the salon for the a static correction. Money, as this service can be expensive. Cooperation with, and trust in, the hair stylist’s or hair colorist’s judgment.

As a professional hair stylist I have always felt that clients need as much knowledge as possible to help them better communicate with their hair stylist. I hope this article will be of help to you next time you have a hair coloring service caused to become.

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