July 15, 2021

Easily Learn Bible Memory Verses in Three Points

You too can Easily Learn Bible Memory Verses! I have always struggled with memorization. In school, eons ago, I would memorize facts before a test but in just a few weeks those facts were simply vapors. I have discovered a Somebody memory system that makes learning memory compared to a breeze while increasing the maintenance duration. It consists of three parts: cards, music and review.

Learn Memory Compared to Part #1 — Saying Cards

Writing the compared to on a saying card is a great tool for maintenance. The saying card can be business card size or a 3×5 listing card. The cards are a nice size to include bible strategies and techniques a pocket or purse for easy access. Anytime you are waiting in line or waiting to grab a child or whatever, you can retrieve the cards and review a saying you have memorized or begin a new saying. Many times I put little clues opposed to this to trot my memory to see if i can remember the saying without looking at the actual words.

In college, using saying cards was a huge help for remembering Somebody memory compared to. I loved the Navigator Topical Memory System and could memorize countless Somebody compared to. With age the memory migrates from a few water leaks to a sieve! There is why the third part of it is so essential.

Learn Memory Compared to Part #2 — Music

Ever had that tune that you could not get out of your head? I really enjoy seeing our mind can recall music and the associated words quicker than pure facts. (I am certain that there is some scientific reason for this but for now we will simply take advantage of this tendency. )

There are several things we have learned to music. To this day I have to feel the alphabet song to remember whether ‘w’ is before or after ‘u. ha I have a friend who put the list of prepositions to a cute tune and have to sing out through the song when helping my son identify prepositional phrases.

You can apply the same strategy to learning Somebody compared to. Creating catchy tracks for different articles of Bible can provide an easier way to learn compared to. (It is actually more enjoyable as well. ) If you record these tracks you can distribute them and listen to them on your favorite Music player. You can sing out along while doing tasks or in the car running tasks.

Learn Memory Compared to Part #3 — Methodical Review

Most triumphs in life require effort. Memorizing Somebody compared to is no different. It should take some time and discipline to memorize Bible. I would recommend that you set a target of how many compared to you want to learn in a week.

If you agree to even just 10 minutes a day, you will be amazed at how quickly you will learn the compared to. As i mentioned earlier, keep the saying cards with you and review whenever you have a spare minute.

This three part system provides an easy way to memorize Somebody compared to. The saying cards are a great visual prompter to the saying and a reminder of the words and the reference. The tracks enable us to associate the word what with the song and make it safer to memorize as well as faster recall.

Setting apart time each day to review memorized compared to and learn new compared to increases the amount of Bible we have right at our tips of your fingers.

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