June 28, 2021

Bowling Shoes — Which are Best for you?

Bowling Shoes come in left-handed and right-handed styles. This may seem slightly confusing to someone new to the sport – after all, don’t Bowling Shoes go on your feet? Why should it matter whether you are right or left-handed?

Yes, Bowling Shoes do, quite obviously belong the feet of bowlers. Nonetheless, it in fact is important whether or not the bowler is left or right-handed. You see, one bowling Used Bowling Alley Equipment shoe is a sliding shoe, and one needs to be more of a braking shoe, a shoe with grip. A right-handed person will have a right-foot shoe with traction and a left-foot shoe that 35mm slides.

One reason why this information may be new to you is that the Bowling Shoes that you rent at bowling alleys are not made for right-handed players or left-handed players. Rather, both Bowling Shoes have soles similar to the sliding shoe of a good pair.

It can be well worth buying your own pair of Bowling Shoes, ones manufactured for a right or left-handed person. With the rental or loaned pair, you are liable to slip around on your approach. This is bad, because it does not allow you to get complete the ability step, that next-to-last step, the step that drives you forward and into the slide, the step that needs some grip.

There are many people who would suggest buying a pair of Bowling Shoes before you even make the commitment to buying a bowling ball! They actually are that important. Besides, you may not want to put your feet into Bowling Shoes which have been drenched with other people’s foot sweat and stench?

When choosing your Bowling Shoes, you are going to need to make the choice between performance Bowling Shoes and athletic Bowling Shoes. Athletic Bowling Shoes are going to look and feel like your other athletic shoes. Most fitness Bowling Shoes have sliding bottoms on the left and right shoe.

If, however, you plan on bowling once a week or more, you are going to want to step it up and get a performance bowling shoe. You will never be able to reach your full bowling potential if you stick with athletic Bowling Shoes. If, on the other hand, you get a pair of performance Bowling Shoes, with one traction sole and one sliding sole, you are going to achieve higher performance.

If you see competitive bowling in your future, it can be well-worth buying a pair of Bowling Shoes with interchangeable bottoms. With interchangeable bowling shoe soles, you are going to be able to make you and your bowling slide match your bowling style as well as the surface you are bowling on.

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