June 14, 2021

Roller Skates — Fun and Fitness

Roller Skates have invariably been recommended to fitness freaks. They can also be a fun yet eco-friendly form of transportation. Roller Skates enable the skater to visit on boots that are generally fitted with three, four or sometimes five wheels. Roller Skates have two basic designs:

Quad Roller Skates: A shoe that has been fitted with four best roller skates wheels on its sole to glide swiftly on a floor.

Inline Skates or Cutting blades: These skates have three, four or even five wheels arranged in single line. Sometimes inline skates have a backside break.

Roller skate boarding has evolved from a pastime to a sport activity due to its popularity. Roller skate boarding is also recommended by the American Heart Association (AHA) as an aerobic fitness sport. Taking long strides can help increase the heart rate and strengthen the trunk muscles. Studies have shown that roller skate boarding is equivalent to jogging or cycling and engages all of the anatomy’s muscles. You can burn up to 600 calories while skate boarding 10 miles hourly. According to the statistics released by the National Sports Association, inline skate boarding capped the list of sports that witnessed the greatest growth between 1993 and 1998, in terms of participants. Roller skate boarding is a fun and effective way of participating in fitness activities.

Roller Skates have been involved in many sports:

Artistic roller skate boarding: This sport includes several events and is generally performed on quad skates. Artistic roller skate boarding involve activities such as figure, dance and freestyle.

  • In figure skate boarding, skaters form a series of sectors or oblong shapes to show accuracy, control and balance.
  • In dance skate boarding, the participants are judged on their choreography to music, accuracy of steps, skill and style. Skaters must pay attention to the beat and timing of the music to ensure that moves.
  • Freestyle skate boarding is all about the combination of steps an individual inline skates
  • d can perform on music, such as choreographed movements, advances and rotates.

Roller Hockey: Roller hockey can be played using quad skates or inline skates. It is a very fast game. To make the ball more visible, rinks are increasingly being built using blue or white pavements.

Inline skate boarding: Inline skate boarding is an aggressive sport, which is basically performed on the streets, parks and sidewalks..

Roller Derby: Roller Derby is a fast growing sport that has been around for years. It is growing more and more into a high contact women’s sport that is very fast paced and extremely competitive.

Speed Skate boarding: Many skaters enjoy the thrill of the sport of speed skate boarding. You can speed skate on quad skates or inline skates. Many speed skate competitive events are held inside your home at a skate boarding rink but a lot of backgrounds do take place outdoors on closed streets or tracks.

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