May 2, 2021

Fighting Bed Bugs : Various ways Of Eradicating Them

In the 1930’s there was widespread infestation of bed bugs in north america especially in the hotels. Right after the world War II, The united states has won the war of these tiny little infestations. They used the DDT, a chemical pesticide which was so potent for the bed bugs that nearly annihilated bettwanzen erkennen them. The specie continued to grow in rest of the Globe like Europe, Asia and Africa. Yet, in the 1960’s it was determined that DDT has harmful effects to humans and its environment so it was banned. The bed bugs came back through human migration and travel from different nations. The Hotels were most affected and the homes of all citizens again.

They came when the most effective weapon against them was gone. So people, businessmen in real properties and hotels are affected. Not to mention the millions of people who obtains bites, scratches, scarring and skin infection.

Literally there is bloodshed in this war with the bugs. Simply because they prosper in human blood, there have been fears that they could trigger an pandemic of diseases like hepatitis and the plague. Further studies however showed that the fear was misguided.

These infestations like their adversary (who appear as their people than predators) have crafty ways to income their campaign against humankind. As nocturnal animals, they sleep during the day and attack at night when the foe least expects it. So sensible that they don’t do it the whole night but they pick the time when most people are in deep sleep and woolgathering which is about an hour before daybreak.

To top it all, they carry with them war apparatus designed like sophisticated chemical weaponries. Their mouth has two elongated tubes intended in piercing the human skin. One is for injecting counter defensive substance; the other is a vacuum filling device which sucks the blood out. The substance it delivers works as an anesthetic and coagulant. The former is for preventing blood from clotting and keeps it flowing through the other tube. The anesthesia is intended to make the operation site numb while the bug is in work and the host keeps on woolgathering.

The operation lasts for necessarily about a few minutes. The timing is so perfect, that ensures attack to be efficiently productive. An hour before daybreak is the time when the victim is fast asleep but it is also perfect timing because the anesthesia lasts only for about an hour after they provided. When the numbness dons out, the irritation and marring begin but it is morning. When the foe wakes up, the bed bugs are already back in their barracks. The indegent victim doesn’t even know and may just suspect the aggressors are mosquitoes and may not even try to look for them. So the cycle of invasion continues.

Given that these bugs have the main advantage of such sophisticated offensive mechanism granted by the Creator, their learning ability may not compare to it of the human brain which God have provided. The human brain contains talents of different professions, of Mentors, PhDs, Scientists, Engineers and Technicians that have joined team efforts to combat the threat of the Bug War. So the other side of the camp plans and invents solution in terms of Sensors, Entrapment, Elimination and Prevention from recurring. Imagine the years of research and the creative talents needed to counter the web meaningless bed bugs.

The human competition up against the bed bugs

After so much study of demos and errors, it was determined that there is no more as effective as that of the banned DDT. Therefore, the human side has to take on the best solution available which takes careful planning and speedi setup to make them effective.

War is declared when there are variety of incidents of atrocities of bug bites on family members or hotel guests who file legal complaints against hotel managements. So threat of invasion is no longer a question of existence. The bugs have previously declared war. It is the human turn now to respond. First they need to detect location of the npcs. Then find the best weapon to counter attack.

Since bugs have been identified to operate at near daybreak time frame, it is best to wake up one early morning and using a flashlight carefully look under the raised air beds, floor crevices, beddings, carpets, blinds and cabinets. When the secret hideouts are identified, its time to implement the offensive.

Two methods of counter offensive were identified: The Chemical Treatment and the Non-chemical Treatment.

Chemical Competition

Chemical method is best applied by hired mercenaries the infestations control professionals. Their tools and materials are best in reaching hard to reach tight places in homes and hotels. The chemicals used are the inorganic diatomaceous earth and the silica aerogel. They are desiccants applied in hard to reach tight places which cause entrapment and dehydration for the bugs and provide long term effectiveness. The chemicals are safe for humans and domestic animals. To prevent other possible hideouts, Pyrethroids pest repellants are applied into crevices to prevent bed bugs from coming into them.

Non-chemical Competition

Low Chemical treatments can be done by homeowners themselves. Basically, they are keeping the homes clean and clear of clutters: Vacuum cleaning of raised air beds, furnitures, beddings and other area where bed bugs could possibly hold camp. Heavy steam cleaning and hot blow drying of carpets, upholstery, blinds and beddings.

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