January 14, 2021

Inside the World of Domain Registration

Domain name is the name that you go by online. Simply put, it is your online identity. Because it is your identity, just like how your parents took months deciding on the name they’re going to give you, it is also important that you think about and choose the right domain name for your business.

Initially, your name should be unique and easy to memorize. Once you thought of a name, you can now go to domain registration website and key in your choice of domain name. Once you do, there would be a prompt giving you other alternative options from 2 to 67 characters. Letters from the alphabet, numbers and only hyphen are allowed, although hyphens are not allowed in the beginning or at the end. Uppercase or lowercase can be use but it is always best to use lowercase characters.

For businesses who want to have longer domain names, they are available in cheap domain registration companies. On the other hand, complete web hosting packages have free domain registration as one of their features.

After you have chosen a name, it needs to be followed by a top-level domain which is the extension at the end of domain names. There are many TLD options like dot com (.com), dot net (.net), dot info (.info) and dot biz (.biz). Dot org (.org) is normally for organizations; dot gov (.gov) is for government; otherwise, you can also use country specific TLD like dot UK (.uk) for United Kingdom and dot AU (.au) for Australia. For businesses, using dot com or country specific extensions are more advisable.

However, before you go online and make your domain registration, you need to understand that domain names also make an impact on your popularity in the internet. Opt for shorter and simpler domain names so it can be easily remembered and lesser chance of making an error while typing it. Most companies include the name of their companies in their domain names. The trend today, however is that keyword phrases in relation to the business are the domain names that companies use. Through this, they can easily be noticed by search engine robots and can easily be find and viewed by users.

On the other hand, if your choice of domain name has been taken already, you can make few changes and check again if there are any similar domain registrations. If there aren’t any, then you’re all set. The amount that domain registrations charge their clients depend upon the services acquired. Usually, registrations are up to a year but you can also opt to buy the name for up to five to ten years. The more number of years that you choose to purchase, the more money you can save, although this will only work if you really believe that you will be on the web for a very long time.

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