December 2, 2020

New Born Babies – Cries and Laughter

New born babies are the most precious thing in life. All women feel this way and cherish their baby. bebes reborn have the need to care for their children and protect them. Especially new parents share more intense feelings but sometimes feel scared. The main reason for that is that new born babies often cry! Of course, this is their only way to communicate and parents should learn to understand the reason the baby is crying and not feel as if they cannot help.

The first thing to consider is that the baby could understand some vital things before birth. This means that the baby is also shocked by coming to this world as the previous environment inside he mother’s body was calm and quiet and dark. Now all the lights, voices and new things make the baby need some time to adjust. So if your baby is upset often, you should hold her more. Provide a stable environment and keep the noises limited. You shouldn’t upset the baby with no reason. Another thing to consider is the conditions. Make sure the baby is clean and changed and feels comfortable. Hold the baby when getting upset and try to reassure her by talking softly or playing some soft music. Feed the baby regularly as you might have a hard time understanding that something so small needs to be fed every two to three hours. New born babies also have colic. This is a pain that comes suddenly and lasts a while. Most of the babies have colic and it is very common in more than half of newborns. The reasons are still not clear, but you should know that there is no severe health risk.

Try to reassure the baby by holding her in your arms and using any kind of trick that makes your baby stop crying. You should also know that colic may appear as a result of digestion. Make sure that the baby is fed properly. Don’t allow the baby to get very hungry before eating as this will make her eat fast and the air that will be trapped might cause colic pains.

Another thing you should know about new born babies apart from the reasons they are crying is the reasons they are happy. Your baby might seem so small to you, but the truth is that babies understand more things than we can imagine. Babies as young children have intuition provided by nature to help them cope with the environment. The first thing this does is that it captures the atmosphere. So the baby can certainly understand when you are upset and nervous and might not be able to relax in your arms because you are not peaceful and happy either. Your heart beat and general condition is very important for the baby. So try to provide a stable environment with a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere. If you are happy, your baby will be happy too and you should try to achieve that.

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